I am developing a new Social Sciences Quantitative Laboratory at Swarthmore College. The laboratory provides quantitative support to students in Economics, Political Science, and Sociology/Anthropology through workshops offered twice per week, one-on-one consulting, and developing curricula with faculty members.

I did my graduate work in political science at the University of Rochester, and hold a B.A. in mathematics and political science from Swarthmore College. I have taught at Georgetown, University of Rochester, and SUNY Oswego. My classes covered a broad range from data analysis to game theory to American Politics.

My research explores the connections between inequality, representation, and institutions in American politics. Using novel datasets compiled from Twitter, the Congressional staffing, and four decades of legislative activity in the House of Representatives, I examine how members of Congress allocate their time and money based on the socioeconomic characteristics of their districts.

Please feel free to contact me at ella.fostermolina+WP at gmail dot com with any questions about me or my work.

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