Remote Teaching during the COVID Crisis

As higher education moves online for at least the next few months, we are all scrambling to share information about how to move online. The following is a compilation of (mostly) one page documents that overview key principles for moving online.

These documents have been developed from my own experience teaching online, working with students remotely in one-on-one meetings, delivering training sessions on both teaching with digital technologies and teaching remotely, as well as working with colleagues to imagine new solutions to teaching using different technologies.

This list will be updated as we walk through this new reality.

Setting up the Digital Classroom: Basics

Technology Requirements for Synchronous Digital Classrooms and Office Hours

webpage pdf

Troubleshooting Connectivity Problems

webpage pdf

Maximizing Connection Speeds in Synchronous Video Interactions

webpage pdf

Setting Up Permanent Zoom Links

This is a pdf slideshow with screenshots.


Setting “Away from Computer” Messages in Zoom

webpage pdf

Running a Large Meeting in Zoom

These tips are designed for meetings with 50-200 people, multiple speakers, and audience participation.

webpage pdf

Brainstorming Ideas for Voting in Zoom

webpage pdf

Digital Interactions with Cellphones Only

In development

LACOL’s interactive Teaching with Zoom webinar

Five liberal arts colleagues emphasize the ways they’ve learned to teach effectively online while maintaining a liberal arts approach that emphasizes personal interactions and critical thinking.


Responsible Remote access to personal computers

Responsible Remote Access with Remote Control

Primarily for situations with high oversight and trust, such as teaching, work, and very close personal relationships.

webpage pdf

Responsible Remote Access without Remote Control

For general social situations.

webpage pdf


2+ Leaders and Secondary Communication Platform

For Zoom sessions where session leaders use a secondary chat platform to communicate between breakout rooms.

webpage pdf

2+ Leaders and Secondary Devices

For Zoom sessions where all session leaders are able to connect with a secondary device to communicate with other session leaders.

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