My research interests combine the strong technical emphasis from Rochester with the social consciousness of Swarthmore College. The technical training I obtained at Rochester provides me with a toolbox of techniques to both gather and analyze data that sheds light on critical political issues. The substantive basis I gathered at both Rochester and Swarthmore helped focus my research on inequality. I intend to carry my dissertation forward to study the causal link between inequality and gerrymandering. I hypothesize that districts are drawn with an eye to electability, and that inequality stemming from these gerrymandering decisions extends beyond racial and partisan inequality. In order to understand this link, I first clarify how the composition of a district affects a representative’s workload. Additionally, I plan on expanding my study of inequality and representation to include European countries, particularly Great Britain. Great Britain provides an interesting variation on representation because their citizens, particularly the working class, place higher value on constituent service. This is all part of a large project to understand the institutional foundation for inequality in modern democracies.


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